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Published: 25th February 2009
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When I was a little girl, my mother had a best friend who had a little boy my age. The mothers were inseparable, and, by default, so were the kids. Our families were constantly together, visiting each other's houses during holidays and weekends and going on cultural outings. We the children practically grew up together well into our teens. Then we emigrated to the U. S. As it was before the great Soviet collapse, friends and families shed many tears, saying good-bye forever. That was 28 years ago.

I guess, as people get older, they begin to reminisce a lot about the past, missing the people once dear to their hearts. Lately, my mother began to wonder whatever happened to our friends. Are they well? Still in Russia? Or maybe in the States? Anything is possible. Seeing how nostalgic she was, I decided to help her by doing some research. I heard of People Find, and how many people found long-lost families and friends using its services. The People Lookup feature was really helpful.

First, I tried looking for my mother's friend and found nothing. Then I decided to see if I could locate her son, my childhood friend. Bingo! I found him right away in Michigan, and based on all the information - name, date of birth - it was the right person. With a name like his, he was the only person out there. Wow! He was married, with children, and his address and phone number were all right there in one report.

I called him the same night, and although at first it was a bit awkward, before long we were chatting away about the good old times and catching up on the last 28 years. Unfortunately, I found out that he emigrated alone and his parents were still in the old country. However, he gave me their contact information for my mother, and they happily reconnected after all these years. My mom tells me they are emailing all the time, and occasionally calling each other. They've been planning to visit their son and grandchildren in the States this spring, so we are all going to Michigan for one huge reunion. We are all very grateful to People Find.

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